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I was eating a turkey sandwich with mustard today and began reflecting on the sharp, tart nature of the mustard when engulfed in larger chunks, where it was not as evenly spread into the sandwich.

It got me thinking how such a small seed could pack so much punch (power). I bet they have to add something to it to make it less potent. And sure enough, I googled the preparation of mustard seeds, and they are cooked in oil to diffuse the spice before adding as an ingredient to foods.

When I think of oil, I think of the anointing. Call me super spiritual if you want. I wear that proud lol.

Anyhow, we as Christians have a powerful message to share. The gospel. But it can be pretty annoying when that message is wielded in ungod-like or reckless manners. You know the types. The ones that use the gospel to support their hate speech. Or the ones who use it to support their undisciplined behaviors.

The mustard seed is a tasty and digestable seed when prepared properly. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit we can have the wisdom and proper heart to deliver the message in way that it is actually received and not rejected.
The same way eating raw mustard seeds might cause a reflex of expelling it from the mouth, the gospel if not yielded to the power of the Holy Spirit can cause a similar reaction to a non-believer.

Seek the anointing. Spend time in the presence, get the heart of God in you. Get the oil you need so that the taste is sweet. Same potent message but delivered to the taste buds in a manner that sticks. Our mission as Christians and disciples of Jesus should be that our fruits REMAIN (See John 15:15).

I posted something on Twitter recently that touches on this subject.

The bottom line is this. If you spend more time condemning Christians than you do actually getting to know Jesus, being on your face before Him and allowing Him to give you His heart for humanity, then check your heart. The message is sweet. When you have it, when its from Him, it sticks.


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