What pain are you neglecting that is meant to be the very thing that leads you to prosperity?

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I had this dream.

Well I was awake, but it was basically a dream. Freshly emerged from slumber, I rolled over to begin my daily devotion with sleep still in my eyes, so I was basically still asleep. It usually takes about 3 attempts to really start the devotion in the first place. Ha! But it’s my routine.

During this first attempt, I got this vivid image of a huge green reptile like object in the middle of the garden. The garden looked like what I was consider the Garden of Eden to look like. And right there in the middle of it was this huge green thing. It was wide and round like a big oak tree in the forest. Surrounded by lush green shrubbery and the rest of the garden. It was certainly out of place. I pictured it being the huge hoof of a gigantic dinosaur. But it was just stood there.

I got the sense that it was symbolic of something standing in the way of my progress. Something blocking my blessing of God’s promises. Something that must be defeated. So immediately, I began to pray. And in praying and worshiping, I am visualizing myself hacking and stabbing at this thing that is clearly my enemy. Not much is happening. I am penetrating the flesh of this stagnant creature but its not budging.

I get to go take a shower and I continue with my devotion playing and humming a tune about peace that had dropped into my spirit. I figured I would try a different approach by stepping back and letting Christ handle the battle. I’m meditating on different scriptures of warfare in the hopes that they will activate something in the spirit realm and defeat this sucker.

While in the shower, I finished up a few chapters of audio Bible and switched to actually playing the song “PEACE” that had come to me. It’s a Hillsong Young & Free song on their new album “III.” I let the rest of the album play and it starts over. By the time I get out of the shower its on to a more upbeat song. So I get to dancing as I am drying myself off, and I remember the enemy reptile in my dream. Clearly the devil, right? So I get to doing graceful “dance moves” to the beat of the song that mimic me hacking and puncturing this thing from every side.

And then I pause to see if anything is working. Was it even close to toppling over? To my surprise, not only was it still standing, but it didn’t have a single wound. In fact, it had completely transformed. No longer did I see a threatening reptile figure. What stood before me now was a tall (and wide) leafy green plant-like structure. Reminiscent of the stalk in Jack and the Bean Stalk. Now instead of being fearful of the object, I was curious. What does this all mean?


Here’s the revelation I got. It’s simple.

The thing that comes to challenge you will be the very thing that gets you to your blessings.

At the top of that green stalk are the very things I have been praying for, my giftings and purpose actualized, prosperity riches.

Don’t be intimidated by the thing that sets you back. Attack it. Conquer it. Use it to elevate you to your next level. It was there for a purpose.

What does this mean for me in real time? I have been trying to build this brand but neglecting the pain and struggles I had to overcome to get here. Stories of failure, rejection, depression, anxiety, abuse, poverty, experiencing the loss of a loved one, the list goes on. Those very stories are the ones that make my brand unique and will open the door to more speaking opportunities, my niche audience, and from there my prosperity through awareness and sales and book ideas.

I went from feeling a dark cloud of fear over me to feeling clarity focus and sunshine this morning after getting to the end of this visual exercise, if you will.


What does this revelation mean for you?

Where is your bean stalk leading you?

What pain have you neglected that is the very thing that will be used to get you to prosperity?

Write it down. Then allow God to bring it to life for you as well.


With love,



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