Who are you talking to?

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“If you tell the wrong people about the right idea, your idea will die too soon.”

Who are you talking to?

Our insecurities surrounding the launching of our ideas or projects tend to come from the people we surround ourselves with. After leaving conversations with the wrong people, you start to doubt yourself and the idea that once brought you so much excitement.

There are always two types of people:

Those that want you to succeed no matter what and those who don’t want you to succeed before they do.

There are also those who are indifferent. You don’t want those people speaking into you either because they can mislead you with advice that does not align with your true design because they simply do not care enough to see you win.

You absolutely must have people around you that celebrate harder than you do. These people will make you feel like the sun shines out of your rear end. You’ll never have to question their loyalty. They will have your back when you’re up and when you’re down.

Ask yourself these questions:

What is their stake in the matter?

What are their motives?

What do they stand to gain or lose by you implementing your idea?

Who are you when you’re around them? Are you your highest self, or do they make you feel small?


The thoughts, energies, prayers of those you tell in the early stages should act as an incubator of your idea pushing it forward it and nurturing it to its fullest potential before it its released to the rest of the world.

Surround yourself with the right team of people who will nurture it with you. They will invest in it and in you not withdraw energy from you with their negative perspective.

Don’t let your idea die before it comes to life. Choose who you tell wisely.




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