How To Handle Microagressions

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You don’t.

You ignore it.

I handle microagressions much differently now than I once did.

They used to cause me stress; anxiety even. I would spend hours trying to devise a plan of retaliation or just mope in sadness about how hard this person was to deal with. We end up dimming our light and slowing my momentum worrying about how to address the oppressor. Now I choose to use that same energy to shine brighter.

Here’s why.

When you know your value, you realize that they (microaggressions) only exist because the deliverer has reason to be threatened by you.

It’s basic primal behavior. People only feel the need to intimidate what intimidates them.

For that reason, I see microagressions as a compliment.

I don’t even address it any more. You’re beneath me. Move.
Thanks for acknowledging my superiority.

Keep that head high, shorty. Don’t shrink.

They are intimidated by you. Your mere existence is a threat to them. Do nothing. You already win. You’re above them on the food chain.

“They go low, we go high.” It applies beautifully here.

Remain pleasant. Remain joy-filled. Remain on top.

I don’t know the research. I don’t have a clue what others are doing. But this has been working for me.

Try it.

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