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There’s a very distinct feeling you get when cruising on the highway in new city. You’re experiencing it all for the first time. That feeling you get is the feeling of being totally present. There’s so much surrounding you to take in you don’t want to miss a beat of it. But all of these cities look and feel the same. There’s nothing new here. Same road paving, similar sky scrapers, same industrially polluted air.

If you live in an urban area, it’s not different than where you’re coming from. So how do you get that same high in your own city? Become more present in your own city.

I notice that that same feeling comes over me when I pause my thoughts and just take in the city as I’m pulling in on I-83. There’s still so much to take in here. Every day, a new thing. It only feels familiar so we become distracted with everything else.

What pockets of life do we neglect to fully experience because they have become too familiar and thus we are no longer present to the beauty and newness of them as they evolve every day?


Be present to what is happening now. Our surroundings are ever evolving. What’s old to you, is actually new with every breathing moment. Take a look.

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