Black Money Matters

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Yet we treat it like it does not.

The African American wealth is expected to fall to net zero by 2053 and into negative net worth following that if trends continue.

How quickly we are to go and spend our hard earned dollars in the pockets of the already wealthy as soon as pay day comes. From the casino, to the mall, to the housing costs and utilities we pay to landlords who profit millions off of us. We look forward to pay day just to go broke again while they look forward to payday as we make them richer.

If we turned our focus from survival to ownership we could make our way up the ladder to making our money make us more money rather than splurging on a financed life loaded with bills and stress.

And let’s say you have no interest in owning something, support someone Black who does. Not for the sake of it. Do it because the black dollar is leaving our hands far too quickly, ending up in the pockets of billionaires… and staying there. Because they’re investing it and growing it while we stay in the very same place.

For every non-black owned product, there is a black business owner selling it who needs your investment in their product in order to grow.

Do not let our wealth as a community hit zero. Invest in black business. Invest in black owned property. Stop competing with each other all the while not getting any richer. Just trying to form like the rich while making the white man richer buying all his stuff.

It’s quite silly actually.

And black owners. Grow up. Invest wisely and with integrity so that we can trust you more. When you get our dollars, do the same thing. Keep them in our community. Support contractors and suppliers that look like us. Train them up, let them know we depend on them to provide the highest quality in order for this entire system to work. Let them know that showing up on time and sober is part of sustaining wealth. Tell them mental health as you rise is imperative to longevity and maintaining integrity.

We all depend on each other from customer to producer and everything in between. And if you must engage with the white owner, do so in a way that brings money in and not out.

Let’s get this number back up. Its basic economics.

I am not writing this to create division. I am writing because our communities are suffering and our wealth is declining and this may be the only way to right the ship. We already had a dramatically lagging start. Only a dramatic and conscientious response can get us moving back in the right direction.

Black capitalism can win.

Now, buying the black owned and produced product or service might be harder to find, may yield a longer delivery time, and you may even encounter less than ideal customer service, but everyone started somewhere. And if never given the chance to grow, how can we expect different.

Make the sacrifice, educate, show mercy until we all rise.


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