An Update on my Coaching Journey

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Over the course of the last 15 months, I’ve had the fortune of creating a life that matches my goals and my passions.

Last April I left one dream job to pursue another dream of being a full-time professional coach. I was lucky enough to come across a company helping returning citizens regain stability. There, I get to teach participants financial principles that set them on track for a new quality of life.

My desire to become a financial coach in addition to my professional life coaching business stemmed from my experience going through the home buying process. I realized how little I knew despite having two degrees, a decent savings and investment portfolio and a job making nearly 6-figures. My fury with the “system” and the fact that none of the basic financial principles of home buying were taught in schools led me to develop a curriculum that I taught to school aged children using what I learned.

This passion project became the resume builder I needed to land the job I have now, where I am teaching adults facing employment barriers ranging from previous incarceration to drug recovery to extended homelessness how to become financially free, while they pursue careers in manufacturing.

I was hesitant to take on a “9 to 5” after stepping into full time entrepreneurship, but I decided to see it as an investment into my entrepreneurial endeavors rather than a deterrent.

Everyone knows the first few years of business ownership are challenging. This position gave me the financial security I needed to be able to step out with confidence. I didn’t have to worry about affording medical insurance or halting my retirement savings. I had the freedom to build a business that would provide both down the line.

Last week JARC Celebrated 4 years with our annual “Evening of Hope.” We had the pleasure of hearing from two alumni of the program who are now employed and experiencing the fruits of their new life, gainfully employed and crushing their goals.

I poured my heart into this job. I showed up for the trainees on days where I could barely stand to show up for myself. But I cared so deeply that they would have the chance at something better. Like I do now.

As hard as it is to close this chapter, it is time for me to take my business higher. In 2020, I will be taking another bold step. Stay tuned to be a part!


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