Time to nurse the baby… 🍼

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Many of us were told through revelation or prophecy that we were pregnant with something. A vision. And that it was about to come forth. And the trials and pain we were experiencing were the labor pains. And that we just had to keep pushing and not give up. Well I think we’ve given birth now. But many of us expected what we were giving birth to to come out fully developed. And that’s not how the birth process works.

We’ve given birth. But it’s a baby. And we now have the temperament and tools to nurse this thing, be it an idea, a business or a new way of life. So don’t get bored with your baby. Use this pause to nurse and feed and get it healthy. It’s a growing season. And we’ve been granted this season of stillness to affectively focus on rearing it the right way. With the noise, without opinions, without distraction. Congrats! Now, Raise your baby. 

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